About Service

Are You watching Netflix from the Singapore? So, you haven’t access to 2652 amazing TV Series and 10425 perfect Movies from other popular Netflix regions.

Using our service you will have access to extra 13077 new Netflix movies blocked in Singapore.

Most of Netflix viewers in Singapore mistakenly think that their Netflix and Netflix in America, Canada, UK or Australia were exactly the same. Netflix isn’t the same everywhere and you might be surprised to find that Netflix has different movies and TV shows available for streaming in different countries.

Unblock US Netflix in Singapore - service that allows you full removal of blocks from mostly all of the media streaming services, that way allowing you access to watching Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify and over 200 more streaming services, all without any restrictions, geographical blocking or any other restrictive policy. This service is the best way to get connected with abroad restricted content such as content from the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and so on.

About technology
The technology which out service is based on is mainly a DNS service, a much more faster service compared with a traditional VPN and fully compatible with more than 500 devices such as PCs, Smart TV, Iphones, Game consoles, Media and BlueRay, including all smart phones and Android OS users. It also supports all OS like Windows, Mac, Android, Ubuntu, etc.

How does System works?
In order for your device to connect to the internet it must use an IP address to do so. The number included in the IP address is needed for your device to communicate with the websites and services. An IP is automatically provided by the ISP ( Internet Service Provider) through the Internet.

Netflix and other streaming services which use GEO restrictions will surely use the info which your IP provides to deny you access if you are located out of their supported area or in case your zone is located in a blackout zone.
The Unblock Netflix is Smart DNS service is sure to keep you IP address fully accepted on all GEO detection systems used by the big number of streaming services which we support. Instead of your real IP address, the service will always see our servers IPs.

How to install?
Get your free account in order to sign-up and choose the type of devices you desire to use in order to experience the streaming services. Set our DNS once clicking on Network Settings and then automatically unlock all the supported channels.

Company and Team
Unblock Netflix is a service included in Domainreg Service Ltd. as part of this one, based on researching and finding solutions in privacy information field, GEO unblocking, and data protection for users. It is fully based in London, UK, with both the Headquarters as well as the Team. Although we work here, we strongly support all privacy related to our users. This is the reason we re-located all our operations to Belize, to place a strong response to the British legislation which would have forced us to keep logs of all our users and activity for 6 months. We do not use the information regarding our users for analyze or passing through and we do not maintain any kind of logs with our users locations or activity, in strong relation with the Belize laws.

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